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Can You Transport A Fridge On Its Side. Carrier Refrigeration Operation

Can You Transport A Fridge On Its Side

can you transport a fridge on its side

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Ceres Transport - Yutong ZK6100H - 069

Ceres Transport - Yutong ZK6100H - 069

Taken @ Ceres Transport Terminal Station, EDSA-Cubao, Quezon City - April 9, 2010


Bus number: 069
Classification: Airconditioned Provincial Operation Bus
Coachbuilder: Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company, Ltd. (Yutong Bus)
Chassis Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company, Ltd
Model: Yutong ZK6100H
Engine: YuChai YC6A240-30
Cylinders: I-6
Displacement: 440.797 cu. inches (7,255 cc / 7.3 Liters)
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Power Output: 236.72 bhp (240 PS - metric hp / 176.52 kW) @ 2,200 rpm
Torque Output: 663.72 lb.ft (900 N.m) @ 1,400-1,600 rpm
Chassis Clutch: SACHS 430
Transmission: 5-speed forward, 1-speed reverse
Maximum Speed: 74.6 mph (120 km/hr) - [estimated]
Layout: Rear-Mounted Engine Rear-Wheel Drive
Airconditioning Unit: Overhead Unit
Suspension: Leaf Spring Suspension
Seating Configuration: 2x2
Seating Capacity: 45 Passengers
Length: 10,490 mm
Width: 2,480 mm
Height: 3,580 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight: 14,230 kg
Fuel Consumption: 4.55 km / Liter



Local transport in West Africa. A Nigerienne truck-bus runs the desert route north between Niamey (Niger) and Gao (450km- Mali)- above. Below, a pinasse, a cargo canoe which transports a mix of goods and passengers, loads up in the northern Malian port of Tonka, on the Niger River.

My 4-week trip across West Africa took me from Niamey, across Mali, Senegal, Mauritania and Western Sahara/Morocco, to the port of Tangiers where I caught a ferry for Andalucia in southern Spain. The truck-bus above launched my journey and spent 24 hours transporting me to Gao. I spent 4 days on pinasses on the Niger River travelling between Tomboctou and Mopti (Mali). If you look closely you can see my backpack on the roof of this one... :o)

can you transport a fridge on its side

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